Which moving box should I use?

The move has been confirmed and now it’s time to start the packing!
To ease some of the stress and difficulty, we have provided the following tips.

Make a Packing List

A good packing list is a great place to start. The list will help you gauge the types of packing supplies you’ll need.  

Make a detailed list in each room in order to best determine which types of boxes and how many of each you will need.  

Purchase Quality Supplies

Purchasing quality supplies can save you time and money, so don’t cut corners there. You can buy packing supplies at various places including certain moving companies, moving retailers, mail service stores, home improvement stores, and office supply stores. Surfing the Internet is always an option. You may find unique packing supplies online that typical retailers don’t carry.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Some common items forgotten or not bought in enough quantity are box cutters, sharpie markers and/or labels for labeling boxes, tape and white paper and/or bubble wrap.  

Do not forget to purchase an adequate amount of tape. You don’t want to be in the middle of building and taping up boxes and not have tape.  

Some items can simply be placed in a box, but others will require to be wrapped in either paper or bubble wrap.  Be sure to stock up in order for your packing time to run smooth and efficiently. However, we do recommend white paper over bubble wrap for a few reasons.  White paper is less expensive, reusable, and is easier to organize and handle when cleaning up after unpacking at your new place.

Most Common Types of Boxes and Their Recommended Uses  

– Small or 1.5.  Best for packing books, files, paperwork, DVD’s, and canned goods.  

– Medium Box or 3.0. Best for packing medium weight items, food, plastics, linen, shoes, non-fragile decor, etc.

– Large box or 4.5.  Best for office equipment, larger electronics, and large non-fragile décor.  

-Wardrobe box.  Best for clothes and linens and miscellaneous closet items.

– Dish-pack or China box.  Do not use anything else besides this box to pack breakables, glassware, china, plates, dishes, vases, fragile décor and anything that can be easily damaged. Be sure to use a generous amount of white paper with these articles.  

– Picture box. The name speaks for itself. Best for packing picture frames, wall decorations, light glass tops from side tables and I mean LIGHT. DO NOT pack a heavy glass top in this type of box, it will not survive. This is also another box to not go light on white paper or bubble wrap with.  The better padded your fragile items are, the more likely they will survive the move.

– TV-box. We don’t recommend covering your LCD or LED TV in a blanket. Using a box is better and much safer.

Now that you have a guide for packing, it’s time to get started! Take your time organizing the items, load up on quality supplies and have fun packing up one journey and onto another! Don’t’ forget to invite friends.  

Bonus: Hire a professional moving company that offers packing services. When you hire a reputable moving company, it will automatically free up your worry and time dedicated to packing. You will not need to worry about having proper supplies or an adequate amount, nor will you need to stress that each item is being packed correctly. By hiring a professional moving company, you will have less headaches, stress and worry to deal with related to packing your home.  


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