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Moving season is upon us. If you’re preparing for a home move, you have quite a bit to consider.  From hiring professional movers, to ordering packing supplies to figuring out if you want to pack or hire a professional packing crew, not to mention deciding which items to take to your new home- moving can be a stressful time.  

An often overlooked aspect of moving services is knowing what your moving company cannot move. This is imperative information to know before the process of packing begins.  

In order to avoid any confusion or delays on moving day, you should know the legal regulations and guidelines about what moving companies cannot put in their moving trucks. With over 15 years of experience we have put together a list of what a moving company cannot transport, just for you!

Save time and stress and check it out!     

Perishable food items

Frozen, fresh, or refrigerated items are not allowed on our moving trucks, allowing us to avoid rotting or spoiling odors during transport.  

We recommend planning out meals leading up to your move day that utilizes these items, packing them in a cooler in your car, or donating them to friends or family.  

Prescription medications

Emergencies happen.  We don’t want our customers stuck without immediate access to their medications because they are packed and inside our moving trucks.  

Gasoline engines or machines

If you are having grills, lawn mowers, smokers, mopeds, or anything else ran by gasoline moved by us, be sure to completely empty the tanks.  If they are not empty, we cannot transport them.

Flammable or explosive items

Federal law prohibits us from ever transporting propane, paint, car batteries, household cleaners, antifreeze, weed killer, or ammunition.

Plants or animals

To ensure the well being and safety of your pets and/or plants, we do not transport any living thing.

Sentimental belongings

To guarantee these items do not get damaged or misplaced throughout the moving process, we do not move items such as cash, jewelry, insurance papers or birth certificates.  

For more information about what we can and cannot move, contact Crown Moving and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and concerns.  

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